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Laser marking

Stainless steel

Thanks to the CO2 laser and a paste, a black, permanent marking is created. This application is highly suitable for the offshore industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and chemical industry. It has a range of 1245x700mm in a single operation, and larger ranges are available in two operations. It is resistant to temperatures from -80° to 540°C, as well as to corrosion, chemicals and seawater.


In case of coloured, anodised aluminium, the top layer is burnt off, leaving a white text, image or marking. This can be used to create a visually easily-distinguishable identification.


Double-layered plastic: burn off the top layer. This method is primarily used for complex images, logos, extensive texts… Single-layered plastic: the laser cuts separate characters, letters or symbols.


Black marking to mark brand names, logos… ideally suited for presentation materials.


1245×710 mm maximum


Barcode and data matrix
Heat-resistant plates
Chemical-resistant plates


Marking machine components you provide


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