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Stickers: we print on a variety of sustainable vinyls by MacTac, 3M, Emblem, Avery, Aslan, and others… All laminated for long-term industrial use.


Choose the right vinyl for every problem


Permanently adhesive

For difficult, uneven surfaces.

Easy to remove

Easy to remove.

Breakable vinyl / Void

For anti-theft markings.

Reflective vinyl

For traffic signs and safety signs.

Retro reflective vinyl

For traffic signs.


For escape routes in case of light failure.


For pre-printed usable/wipeable boards.

Textile vinyl

For temporary applications, easy to apply and remove, without glue residue.

Banners and canvas

For site markings/advertisements.


For advertising purposes.

Sandblasting foil

Decorative foil for glass.

Window foil

For sun protection or to tint windows.


Highly chemical-resistant foil.

Cut-out letters

For publicity and signalling.


For LoTo applications, weather resistant and hard to tear.

Floor foil

Very high mechanical resistance.

Magnet foil

For barcode labels, warehouse labels, location indication.

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