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Anodised aluminium printing and sublimation

Scratchproof CE plates, nameplates, synoptic boards etc. made of aluminium, with almost unlimited options for colour and/or photo and image finishing.

The entire finishing process is done internally.

Choose a flawless look with anodised aluminium printing

Anodised aluminium printing is a process in which anodised aluminium with open pores is printed using special inks that enter deep into the pores. After printing, the pores are sealed, permanently fixing the text into the anodised surface. There are very few limits when it comes to colour and size (up to 1500×1000 mm), with thicknesses from 0.5 up to 4 mm.

In case of sublimation printing, the print is permanently fixed on polyester coating using temperature and pressure. Ideal for small volumes, without film costs.



CE plates
Decorative plates
Tourism signs


Floor plans and/or signage
Photos and front panels
Instruction panels
Flow charts
Barcode and data matrix

Attachment options

Equipped with holes
With holders
No attachment


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